Monday, April 13, 2015

False start

Murphy's Law is in full effect this season. It wasn't long after I had written that last post about easing back into the training routine that I found myself dealing with two very different (but equally severe) injuries: elbow tendinosis and an incredibly painful medial glute strain.

The elbow pain forced me out of the water for several weeks. The strain has kept me off the bike for even longer. I can't even think about running — who knows if that'll even be a possibility this season!

Long story short, though: I'm injured and out of shape and it's going to be May and/or June before I know it. Last season may have truly been my last as a triathlete, because I'm starting to feel like this one's a non-starter.

My new plan is to rest, rest, rest and work hard to build a strong core. Pilates, perhaps, and lots of planks and low-weight/high-rep exercises to make sure all of my stabilizers are up to snuff. And then... we'll see if Tahoe's still in the cards.