Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The home stretch!

As usual, it's been a rocky and eventful (but enjoyable) triathlon season. I've already completed two IRONMAN races and I'm only a few short weeks away from my third: IRONMAN Boulder. This, my friends, is what we like to call "the home stretch."

I'm excited for Boulder -- it's going to be a big race! While I won't be gunning for a personal best, I will be tackling the challenge in front of friends and family. That always makes for a special experience.

Unlike the lead-up to other season finales, however, this one has actually become bittersweet. There is a very real possibility that Boulder will be my last full IRONMAN race.

There's a reason why I'm five-for-five when it comes to triathlon seasons being derailed by injury. I've been struggling to transform myself into a runner for a long while and it's always felt the odds have been stacked against me. Well, I was right! In the name of long-term happiness, my doctors are now advising me to shelve the running shoes to preserve my distressed hips and knees that were never truly designed for high-impact training.

Anyway, this is all hot off the presses. I have a lot more questions to ask and information to parse through, but I don't want to let this distract from the task at hand. Let's do this thing in Boulder, one last (?), awesome hurrah. We'll deal with what comes after, after.