Friday, May 2, 2014

The heat is on

Well, my personal mandate to update this blog with relative frequency has failed. It’s been several weeks, and while I’ve started writing posts here and there, none of them have were ever completed. If you’re wondering why, look no further than this image:

The past six weeks have been, in a word, challenging. April may have been the most aggressive - and most successful! - block of triathlon training I’ve ever tackled. The past four weeks took my solid, mid-range fitness base and stretched it out in preparation for Ironman Texas on May 17. We went from 3 hour rides and 75 minute runs to 5 hour rides and 2+ hour runs in just a few weeks and stayed there for a few more.

My body is reeling from all this work, and I've been regretting my decision to use a standing-desk at the office. Fortunately, I’ve earned myself a few lighter days before the race itself. I’ll need them to get rid of some of the aches and pains that have accumulated recently!

San Francisco from Mt. San Bruno earlier this week

Ironman Texas is going to be… interesting. I’m going into the race with one goal: survive. I have no finish-time aspirations, though crossing the line in under 13 hours would be nice. My plan is to treat it as a long, hot training day. Survive, recover and come back stronger for the races that come later in the season.

Texas’ biggest challenge will be the heat/humidity combo. I just can’t predict how my body will react to those conditions. It’s going to be imperative that I take the race one step at a time, that I listen to my body and stay as hydrated as possible.

But… I’m already getting ahead of myself. The race is still two weeks away, and there are a lot of miles to cover between now and then.

Marin county's Pacific coastline on a sunny Saturday morning

Kristine's riding ALC!

I would be remiss to post this without mentioning Kristine's latest adventure! She's training for an epic, 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles and she needs all the support she can get! It'll be a seven-day trip, meaning back-to-back-to-back days of 75 miles or more for an entire week. And it's for a good cause! We'll definitely dedicate a bit more blog-time to her training and event in the near future, but in the meantime, click here to learn more and support a great cause!