Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy holidays!

Gosh, the past few weeks have been busy ones! Pardon the relatively scrambled nature of this post -- Kristine and I have been running around all week/weekend trying to tie up lose ends and get packed for our upcoming trip. We're gearing up for a long haul: we're on our way to the Philippines to spend Christmas and New Year's with Kristine's family. It'll be my first trip to that side of the world -- I'm excited!

I think I last wrote in mid-November, before Kristine and I set out for a thoroughly enjoyable twelve-day trip to New York and Pennsylvania to visit family and celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm happy to report that the trip was a total success on all fronts: we were able to catch up with so many friends in New York City, see a Broadway show (and a taping of SNL!) and then spend time with both of my parents' families in good ol' Bucks County. And I managed to run over 70 miles during that time!

What off-season?!

Here's what I've been up to in December, courtesy of Strava's fancy new Training Log feature:

Centuries two weeks in a row? BOOM!

I'm not going to be able to ride while in the Philippines, and I'll have to sneak runs in between family events and sightseeing... so hopefully all these training hours will mean I'll at least have some shade of fitness when we get back to the states. Anyway, this is probably a good thing -- looking further back into my training log, I really only took ONE WEEK off after Ironman Lake Tahoe, and I've been averaging roughly 10 training hours per week since. It's time for a multi-week vacation!

In other news, check out this morning's sunrise!

Shoes and running

Oh, and you might be wondering about the shoe experiment? After running in the Hoka One One's and the Newton's for several weeks (logging 70+ miles in each shoe), I went to have my gait analyzed by the experts at the Financial District Foot and Ankle Center here in San Francisco.

Dr. Sanders confirmed my suspicions about the Hokas -- they're simply too wide for my narrow feet and just aren't good for me. She liked the Newtons -- especially the snug fit around the middle of my foot -- but the narrow "waist" of the sole caused me to "twist" in a way that won't work well for longer runs. Then we branched out a bit and started looking at other shoes... and the pair that looked best under scrutiny was the ASICS GT-1000.

Enormous rock formations off the west coast of San Francisco

Happy holidays!

Anyway, I've got to wrap this up, but I hope to find some time later on this week to write a recap (or should I call it a post-mortem?) on the 2013 season. If I'm not able to, well, here's the short version: this year was awesome. It wasn't my most successful season, but it was the one I enjoyed the most. Bo and Alex are Ironmen, and Kristine's a marathoner. I couldn't ask for much more!

Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support throughout the year. Happy holidays! 2014's going to be an epic year for a lot of big reasons... stay tuned!