Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After almost three weeks of ginger movements, periodic muscle spasms and continuous pain, I went to see a new physical therapist on Friday for some massage, ice and ultrasound. After a few minutes poking, prodding and pressing, the PT looked at me and said, "Oh dude... this isn't a muscle strain. You dislocated a rib."

He applied a bit more pressure to the requisite location. I heard a "pop!" like a cracking knuckle. The sharpness of the pain subsided almost instantly. He pushed the rib back into place. The surrounding muscles, which had been in spasm for weeks, could now finally begin to relax and heal. It's been a few days and my back has been feeling better. I'm still a bit wary of pushing too hard and - eek! - re-dislocating the rib, but so far, so good.

Less than three weeks 'til race day. At least now I can breathe deeply without wincing!