Saturday, September 21, 2013

#IMTahoe: Race Week Recap

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous
Race week is always an adventure in and of itself. It always seems like there are a hundred tiny race-related tasks to check off and dozens of short little workouts to do. You're watching your diet, trying to adjust to a new location and trying to rest as much as possible. And being in Tahoe adds another bit of complexity: altitude. Adjusting to 6,225 feet is no simple feat!

Lots of contemplation
Bo, Alex, my parents and sister checked in to our (surprisingly swanky!) cabin rental on Monday. My family's been doing a lot of sight-seeing; the rest of us have been doing a lot of board-gaming. Seven Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Kingdom Builder, Ticket to Ride... you name it! The majority of our gaming time, however, has been spent playing Eclipse.

If you've never played it, Eclipse is what you'd get if you put Risk and Starcraft in a blender. It's an epic game of universal domination. It's also incredibly complicated, incredibly time-consuming, and incredibly frustrating. Tensions have been running high here in Tahoe!

Praying for calm water on race day
We've also done a few workouts, as I mentioned above. I've been trying to swim on a regular basis, but the conditions haven't always been favorable. On Tuesday, gusting winds whipped up three foot waves on the lake. Wednesday (pictured above) was considerably calmer. I'll have to write an entire post about the course, but the short of it is: it's going to be really hard.

Champions of race registration
We've made it to the day before the race, which means today'll be filled with logistics, double-checking checklists, transition bags and equipment. At this point, we're all eager to get this thing done. Bo is especially looking forward to retirement - and Sunday football, and golf, and sleep, and all of those fun things we've been missing out on for months! 

More to come!