Saturday, September 21, 2013

#IMTahoe: Here we go!

It's officially go-time. My alarm's set for 4 o'clock in the morning and we'll be hitting the water at 6:40am tomorrow morning. The forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid-thirties until nine or ten. It's been a busy (and rainy) day, but it's finally over and things are winding down at the house.

Tomorrow's going to be... in a word... epic.

The swim is going to be absolutely frigid and the bike won't be that much better. If we can make it to the run, we'll be all set. By that point, all that's left is the marathon! Everyone's worried about the cold and the wind. Our plan is to bundle up as best we can and just take the race as it comes.

I don't have much time - that alarm clock's gonna ring early! - but here are a few predictions:

  • Swim: 1 hour. It's too cold to expect anything quicker.
  • Bike: 6.5 hours. There are four massive climbs on the course and they're gonna be killer.
  • Run: 4.5 hours. The run's pretty flat, and though I haven't had the best training to date, I think this is the leg that I'm least worried about!
  • Total: 12 hours. But we'll see what happens...