Friday, July 26, 2013

Seconds and Thirds

Ahh well, another week has passed and my hip is only showing the smallest signs of improvement. I've now seen three separate doctors and received three separate diagnoses. Take that, health insurance deductible!

All I know is this: my hip hurts, on the outside (top of my TFL/IT band) and on the inside (groin/flexor), and the whole region has felt mostly sore for a while now. Anyway, here are the current theories:

Hip flexor strain. This was the first diagnosis, but was quickly debunked (for the most part) when my MRI came back clean.

Irritated nerve or disc causing referred pain. When your MRI shows nothing (zip, zero, nada), it's time to resort to things you can't see... like nerves, apparently.

Minor sports hernia & related irritation. This is another item on the list of things that "may not show up on an MRI," alongside some forms of bursitis.

The treatment for all three diagnoses is the same as what I've been doing for the past month: rest and stretching. It's really starting to feel like a lot of hand-waving. These doctors are obviously confused and unable to pinpoint the issue with even a pinch of confidence. "Just rest more, stretch more!"

I'm starting to feel like this is just some pain I'm going to have to deal with until I can really, truly rest after Tahoe. Over the next week, I'm going to assess how the pain "builds up" after consecutive runs. If it stays flat (e.g. constant, consistent pain), then I'll just run through it. If it gets worse and worse, I'll have to come up with a new strategy.

Kristine Update

Kristine's been shoe shopping! After an informative evening session with the Runsafe clinic in San Francisco, she learned quite a bit about her stride (current and ideal) and we've been tracking down shoes to help her run pain-free for the past two weekends. She's now a Newton convert, and she picked up a back-up pair of Nike's to help her ease into the transition to mid-foot striking.