Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest post: Bo

The extreme ironw00t team dominated this weekend! Thanks to the support crew, especially Kristine, Orlee, and the Rosens two, who made for an excellent weekend.

The couple weeks before were a bit stressful for everyone. Andrew's hip, Alex's knee, and Bo's inability to solve Sunday's crossword were all causes of great consternation. Combined, these forces threatened to sink the team's chances in the murky shallows of the Russian River.

Andrew giving Alex a swim lesson
Saturday morning began bright and early, courtesy of the ebullient water heater. "Vroom, vroom" it kept saying - not realizing that Vineman didn't start for 26 more hours.

After signing in, which proved to be a tortuous process for Alex, team ironw00t went for a shopping trip at the athlete's expo. The extreme team and fans decided to try on shockingly bright Newton running shoes. Against all odds none were purchased, but many bonk-breaker bars were eaten; did I mention they were free?

Alex returns the favor with an uninteresting story
The tension peaked on Saturday afternoon. After searching all morning for scrambled eggs, Andrew's hopes were dashed when the team walked into a dainty little cafe. The team feared a meltdown, but the arugula salad defied all expectations and returned Andrew to his usual self.

Finally, the extreme team decided to jump into the river. A great day of water and frolicking ensued. Several team members (including yours truly) were astonished to learn that actual inner tubes are a real thing you can float on.

Dear Alex: Andrew is not impressed
Sunday morning, the extreme team woke up at 5:30. (Take that, water heater!) A bountiful harvest of eggs, bacon, and avocado provided the sustinence for the extreme team. Andrew, realizing that his publicity stunt slash hip injury wasn't fooling anyone, realized he would have to run after all.

642 Vineman participants saw this face pass them
I will end here, the mind aflutter with inner tubes on the Russian River, as thinking about the run makes me hurt. Ow. Epic rides from the extreme team, and awesome racing with you guys. Tahoe or bust. SICK.