Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A few random notes from Vineman

I'm going to use this post to collect a few random thoughts that didn't quite fit into my race report. There's not a whole lot, but eh, I guess a few of these are worth mentioning (or at least recording for my own reference later on)!

Good Stuff

  • Staying so close to the race start was incredible. We were able to stay pretty loose in the morning, and Kristine and I even caught the pros swimming downriver before walking to the start.
  • We had perfect weather on race day -- a marine layer until 10:00 and then manageable sun through the afternoon. It definitely started to heat up by the back half of the run, but it could've been a whole lot worse!
  • If you're ever in Guerneville, grab dinner at Boon Food + Drink and try the Brussels sprouts! Delicious!
  • Kristine bought me some snazzy new shoes in February and I raced in them for the first time today. They're awesome! Getting into and out of these puppies is super easy. I even went sockless on the ride for the first time ever.

Other stuff

  • My hip was so tight coming off the bike that I really didn't expect to run at all. I was pretty close to just calling my race right in transition, so I took my time with things. Had I known I'd be able to scrape together a decent showing, I might have gone through that transition with a bit more urgency!
  • I need to incorporate some more intensity into my swim workouts. It's been mostly easy, recovery-oriented stuff up until this point, and I could tell during the race.
  • The two-piece triathlon suit I've been wearing is kind of irritating, as the top is longer than my torso and makes the back pockets on the shorts difficult to get to. I may need to make a change before Tahoe -- pockets are super important in long races like that!


Most of what I ate on race day came from my kitchen drawer that's stuffed with random sports food, including odd handouts from various event expos and the like. Here's what I ate:
  • Breakfast: three eggs and a Rise bar.
  • Immediately before the swim: one Gatorade Prime and a Clif Shot.
  • On the bike: two mini Bonk Breakers, a One bar, an Accel Gel, half a pack of Clif Shot Bloks (Margarita!), two salt tablets and about 30oz of water.
  • On the run: one pack of Clif Shot Bloks, small cups of water (5), cola (2) and Gatorade (5), five Oreos.
  • Immediately after: 32oz of chocolate milk, a few grapes and some sort of Osmo recovery concoction.
Needless to say, I was in fairly significant calorie debt that evening!