Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Through It!


Guess who ran the San Francisco Half-Marathon last weekend?! It started bright and early along the Embarcadero, where thousands of runners enjoyed a stunning summer sunrise before the starting gun fired. Kristine overcame a tough foot/ankle injury to pound out the miles and earn herself her second finisher's medal in as many years. Is this the start of an annual tradition?

Congratulations sweetheart!

Training Highlight

One of Kristine's friends from college happened to be visiting the Napa Valley last weekend, so we made plans to head up that way and visit. Before we hit the road, I hopped on my bike and set out for a three hour ride. It was early (5:50am!) and I wasn't feeling very imaginative, so I decided to subject myself to a mental challenge: ten times up Hawk Hill at a reserved (but challenging) pace.

It turned out to be an exercise in moderation. The efforts boiled down to 10 x 10 minutes at 260W with about 3.5 minutes rest in between each, with my final climb poking into the 290W range. My times weren't all that fast (understandably so), but I'm thrilled to have able to climb so consistently throughout the workout!


The intensity of my training has increased slightly over the past few weeks. Though the changes to my schedule seemed small and incremental, my body's taking a bit longer to adapt than I had hoped. In retrospect, ringing in the month of June with a grueling, 200K ride probably wasn't the best idea; I felt great during and good immediately after, but I think I've been in some degree of training debt since.

That's okay, though. The next nine days represent the tail end of a challenging training block. After next Wednesday, a very brief tune and taper period will begin before Vineman 70.3 on July 14. And after that race, well, I think my tired legs will have earned a few days' rest.