Friday, May 10, 2013

Halfway hair!

I stopped cutting my hair this past December in anticipation of the 2013 triathlon season and the intent is not to cut it again until IMLT in late September. That means we're halfway between haircuts. And judging by this photo, taken just before the start of Wildflower this past Sunday, it's going to be AWESOME by the time the big race rolls around. And by awesome, I mean very, very long.

Bo's got a bit of a head start: to use his own words, he stopped cutting his hair "before Obama was elected for a second term." Alex is a bit behind - his last haircut was probably some time in March or April, but much to his mother's glee, he's committed to the cause from here on out!

Now that Wildflower is over, my focus is going to shift a bit from shorter, faster stuff to longer work. I'll be steadily increasing the weekend mileage between now and the Sequoia Century in early June and then probably maintaining the elevated mileage through the end of summer. Buckle up!