Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wildflower Recon

Alex, Bo, Kristine and I, along with Brent and many other members of the San Francisco Triathlon Club, trekked down to Lake San Antonio this past weekend to ride and run the Wildflower triathlon course. It was a truly spectacular weekend on all fronts; the weather, the food and the company were all tip-top!

Wildflower is a triathlon event unlike any other. It takes place in the middle of notwhere (literally) and most of the competitors camp (in tents!) in the national park before and after the race. By going down four weekends early, Kristine and I were able to do a camping "dress-rehearsal."

For our meals, we prepared some delicious pulled-pork for Friday night and an awesome potato hash and ground beef dish on Saturday night. Yum. I can hardly wait for race weekend now, just so I can eat food like that again!

As far as training goes, we rode the long course route (56 miles) on Saturday morning. It was a relatively even-paced ride with a few notable exceptions -- namely, a screaming-fast ten-mile hammerfest with Alex and Brent on Jolon Road. After we returned to camp, it was time to treat our weary legs with a dip in the lake. The water was refreshing and energizing, and I had the opportunity to give Alex and Bo a few pointers.

Sunday was a bit more mellow: we woke up early and previewed the Olympic bike course (26 miles) before lacing up our running shoes to preview the Olympic run course (10K). Bo and I completed the loop under the hot sun in just about 52 minutes; I'm hoping for closer to 48 on race day.

Few photos were taken, and those that were are probably stuck on Alex's camera until he gets his act together and actually posts them somewhere. One definite highlight: Bo boiling the water for his morning coffee in a used PBR can.

Fun times!