Monday, November 26, 2012

Extreme team!

As usual, my off-season updates have been few and far-between. Kristine and I have been happily adjusting to married life, doing some house-hunting and home improvement work, and settling back into a rhythm since the wedding. We've had some fantastic weather that I've been trying to take advantage of, which means I've been out on my bike quite a bit.

A while ago, I hinted at some exciting news regarding the upcoming triathlon season, and now I'm back for the big reveal. Next year is going to be a big year and I am really, really looking forward to it.


I'm going to kick things off in early May with Wildflower Short Course, my first Olympic-distance triathlon since before I started actually "doing triathlons." Despite modest expectations, I'm really excited to see how I fare in a 51.5-mile event.

Then in July, I'll tackle Vineman 70.3 up in Sonoma County. I have very fond memories of the course (and even fonder ones of the finish line) and I'm really looking forward to making my return.

The season will be capped off with the inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe in late September. The altitude (6,000+ feet) means this race could prove to be one of the most difficult Ironman events ever. Could it be harder than St. George was this past year? We'll have to wait and see.


As you can see, I'm signed up for what will surely be three great races. Wildflower and Vineman are already iconic staples of the California triathlon scene, and I'm sure Ironman Lake Tahoe will join their ranks quickly. But I'll be honest: I'm less excited about what races I'm doing next year, and a whole lot more excited about who I'll be doing them with.

Two of my best friends are also embarking on the same Ironman quest! The three of us will be training and racing together throughout the year... and it's going to be awesome.

You may already know that Alex signed up for IMLT when registration opened up back in June. Bo registered in late August - partly on a dare - and thus, our little team was born. #ironw00t!

The three of us set out on our first few rides together over the Thanksgiving weekend, tackling some Tahoe-area climbs, pre-riding some of the Ironman race course and just generally enjoying each other's company. We spent time eating turkey, chatting about training schedules, planning trips and designing custom team gear. I'm feeling really inspired, and we have quite an adventure ahead of us.

I can't wait!