Friday, September 14, 2012

Updates! Lots of them!

Eight weeks ago, Kristine, Bo, Morten and I were mere hours from our early morning Ironman wake-up call in Zurich, Switzerland. And when I think back to just how much has happened time since race day, I can hardly believe it's only been two months.

Well, things might start to settle down just a little bit now that much of the craziness has ended, which means I may actually have some time to start posting on this blog again! As it stands, here are the events that I'd like to provide updates on:
  • Alex's first triathlon. (He was supposed to write this report, but is a slacker.)
  • My post-Ironman trip to Lugano and Lake Como with Kristine.
  • Our wedding at the end of August!
  • Plans for the off-season.
  • Exciting (and surprising) new developments regarding Ironman Lake Tahoe!
Look for posts on these topics (and more) in the coming weeks.

Finally, I'd like to take a few minutes to congratulate Brent Ledvina on the completion of his first ever HIM-distance (70.3-mile) triathlon. Brent picked up the sport early in the year and has come so far in just a few short months. His excitement and determination are both infectious. I can't wait to train and race with you more in 2013, Brent!

I'd also like to congratulate Mike Vulanich for a killer performance at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas this past weekend. Mike is a natural talent - a good swimmer, a powerful cyclist and a blazing-fast runner. He put it all on the line last weekend and placed 15th in his age group (123rd overall). Unbelievable and ridiculously awesome job, Mike!