Monday, July 2, 2012

Status Check

I've managed to keep myself pretty busy since learning that all of my tendons and ligaments are still intact. I'm a bit behind on work, but otherwise, things are coming together. My bags are mostly packed for Zurich and my flight's just 48 hours away.

I followed last weekend's Livestrong Challenge with a week of hard swimming and strong interval efforts on the bike - in fact, this week probably featured two of my best-ever overall interval workouts. Being that I am unable to run, I've had to step up my game in the pool and swim more often than I'd like. The strategy isn't all that different from 2010's lead-up to Ironman Western Australia. Let's hope it works out just as well!

Weekend workouts

Anyway, I forced myself into the saddle for one last long tune-up ride this weekend. I clipped in at 7:29am and set out over the Golden Gate Bridge. Because I was alone and the weather was pretty dreary, a big part of me wanted to cop out and just do an 80-mile Pt. Reyes loop... but after some intense self-negotiation, I committed myself to tackling Marshall Wall and even added the Stinson/Panoramic climb on at the end.

I did not push this ride very hard - instead, I aimed to keep a fairly steady, even tempo throughout the day. I tucked into the aero position and the miles melted away. I pulled back into the city with a 6:03 ride time (6:20 total time) over 103 miles. It definitely wasn't as fast (or as hard) as last year, but it was windy and I did manage to climb over 7,000 vertical feet. The best part about this ride was that it ended! Yep, that's right - I'm done with long rides for a while!

Your last big ride's always an important milestone and I'm happy to report that this one left me feeling pretty positive about next weekend's race.

Sunday morning brought a 6,000-yard swim (completed in 92 minutes) and a spin. I wasn't sure what to expect from my legs after Saturday's effort. When I showed up, the numbers weren't pretty - I turned it into a bit of a recovery ride.

What's next?

I took today easy, swimming for a little while down in Mountain View. Tomorrow, I'll take my road bike for an early-morning spin with the Mission Cycling morning crew. It won't be a long ride, but it'll give me the chance to open things up a little. I'd like to really crush spin and pool sessions on Wednesday. There's nothing better than boarding a plane with sore legs.

I arrive in Zurich on Thursday afternoon. I'll probably take some time to build my bike back up and try for a ride on Saturday morning. I think I'm most concerned about my ability to consistently swim and/or ride in the week leading up to the race. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out those logistics upon arrival.