Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Race Week

On the way to St.-Ursanne
Welcome to the Wednesday before race day! These are the final critical hours - the hours where a delicate balance between tune-ups and rest must be struck. Rest has been difficult since arriving in Zurich; jet lag and a desire to see the sights (including the Tour de France) have combined to prevent me from staying off of my legs as much as I  probably should.

This week's forecast has been uncooperative. We've had some rain just about every day so far this trip, and that trend will likely continue through the next week. Zurich's weather forecast seems quite changeable, but at the moment, today and Friday sound like the wettest days. They are now calling for some rain showers on Sunday, too. Let's hope that does not impact the race!

I've been out on the bike twice since arriving in Switzerland, and for roughly 100 kilometers both times. The roads out here are pristine and the scenery is as good as it gets. Yesterday's ride was on the Ironman course's roads. There are stretches of road that will be blazing fast, but by contrast, there are agonizingly steep climbs and inclines. It will be interesting to see what wins out on race-day, and how the legs respond to those steep pitches on the second lap.

I've had two chances to swim as well, once in a river and once in the lake. The water is comfortable without a wetsuit. Chilly, but not painfully cold. I feel alright in the water and I imagine I'll feel even better in my wetsuit on Sunday morning.

Now it's time to focus on continuing to rest and restock my energy stores ahead of this weekend's big day. I'll try and get out on the bike for an hour or so tomorrow, just to open up my legs a little. And I'll keep trying to fit in short swims today and Friday. But on the whole, the more time I can spend sitting, sleeping or relaxing, the better.

This race is going to be here in the blink of an eye!