Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Update!

"Andrew Valko, du bist ein Ironman!"
Whoops, I forgot to update this blog after Ironman Switzerland! I suppose it goes without saying, but the race itself was exhausting for all involved. The weather definitely did not cooperate for us on race day: competitors and spectators were plagued by cold, scattered showers, thunder, lightening, wind and hail. It was, all-in-all, a crazy day.

My own race started out very well: I was the first age-grouper out of the water! Unfortunately, things went steadily downhill from there. I knew something was a bit off as soon as I got out onto the bike course. I lost the nutrition game during this race and could feel it almost all day. The run was especially difficult - my legs felt okay, but I kept falling into periods where my head was spinning and my hands were tingling. Bonking at the beginning of a marathon? Not that much fun!

In the end, however, I finished the race, and I managed to do so in under 11 hours. All things considered, I think that's a solid performance. (I was half-expecting to have to walk the entire marathon!) I learned a lot from this race, and I'm thinking some major changes are needed for next year's season. But that's another blog post, isn't it?

Kristine and I are enjoying some much needed time off now. I'll be sure to throw together a race report some day soon.

Thanks for following along!