Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Fever!

Like millions of others across the world, I've been mostly glued to my television these past few nights. The Olympic games are well underway in London, and they haven't disappointed.

The men's and women's road races were both lots of fun to watch. In the men's race, Great Britain screwed the pooch. They put all of their eggs in one very obvious basket and were not able to control the race enough to execute. (Maybe they should've let someone like Froome sneak into the break?) But Vinokourov winning the gold to cap off an exciting and tumultuous career was certainly exhilarating. The women's race was a much tighter battle - the sprint at the end (which Marianne Vos held on to win) was tight and hotly contested. So cool.

My favorite Olympic sport is fairly obvious. As a long-time swimmer, I definitely enjoy the sport's week in the limelight. To come home after a long day of work, turn on the TV and see swimming dominating the prime-time slot is such a bizarre and pleasant experience.

Watching these athletes race has definitely been inspiring, more so for this year than in 2008. Triathlon got me back into the pool in 2010 (or was it the other way around?), which means I'm a little bit closer to the sport than I was when Phelps was dominating Beijing.

I love watching these people swim. They are so powerful. Their strokes are so perfect! Watch the underwater shots from the women's 200-free final tonight and you'll see what I mean. The way their hands enter the water and catch! (it's like I can hear the water snapping to attention with every stroke) is just mesmerizing. Such command. So much talent.

Watching the swimmers' underwater kicks and turns has been great, too. Phelps' underwater kicks off of the turn during the 4x100 relay... that was just jaw-dropping. It's just amazing how much water these folks can move.

Anyway, I'll stop gushing. I've been inspired. I can't wait to get back to San Francisco and start hitting the pool again. Thanks to these Olympics, I'm excited to maybe do a bit more swimming this off-season than I'd originally planned! For now, though, I've got a few more days of prime-time to enjoy. w00t!