Monday, July 9, 2012

Amateur Bike: Andrew Valko's Cervelo P3

ZURICH, Switzerland -- We caught up with fledgeling triathlete Andrew Valko after a not-so-routine training ride on Saturday. "Holy crap," he exclaimed, "The rides around Zurich are amazing!" Before heading in for a shower, however, we were able to take a closer look at the machine he will be riding during Sunday's Ironman event.

This Cervelo P3 has a the standard 2008 red, black and silver color-scheme
Zipp wheels keep things aero: "Should've waited for Firecrest," says Andrew 

A zippered Zipp bento-box keeps vital race nutrition close

The Zipp Vuka-aero cockpit features ski-pole bars angled slightly inward for comfort

The rear brakes are pretty dirty, even when the bike's at it's cleanest

A CyclOps Powertap SL+ helps Andrew keep tabs on his output

This saddle may look ridiculous, but John Cobb knows what he's doing

Head-on view: slim profile ruined by ugly straw and saddlebag
Potential for damp conditions spurned a swap to salmon-colored front brake pads

Rear view: Darn it, that saddlebag is ugly

Andrew is riding a 165mm compact crankset in Ironman Switzerland
We know what you're thinking: "Wimp!"

40 oz. water tank makes it easy to stay hydrated - and refill on the go

Nothing special about this 12-25 cassette

Hate to say it, but this Speedfil straw is about as aero as it's gonna get

Is that his name on the top-tube? No, it's just the manufacturer's logo

Andrew's Garneau Vorttice features a cut-off tail and lots of dimples
SF2G logo on the right side 

Unfortunately, the single duct in the front makes it look pretty ridiculous

Philadelphia Eagles logo on the left side: FLY, EAGLES, FLY!