Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update: Mad Scramble! + Lake Tahoe?!

This weekend was a good one. Mike Vulanich and I rode almost 90 miles in 90+ degree heat on Saturday and the all-too-familiar Vineman course was the route. It's a shame that getting up to Sonoma has to be such a production; those roads are so nice and lightly rolling!

I woke up early today to swim (5,200 yards) and run (13.1 miles). I feel good in the water, though my endurance could be better. Today's run was a total experiment; my IT band has been a constant source of pain for me over the past few weeks. For this little test, I decided to simply grit my teeth and run through the hurt. IT pain aside, I felt okay on the run. I wish I had more time to log a few longer ones, but such is life. One month until Zurich. Bring it on.

Regarding Ironman Lake Tahoe, I've mulled over my options. I've decided to sign up for next year's race - or at least try. The event is going to sell out in minutes! If I manage to score an entry, that's awesome. I will do whatever it takes to give Tahoe my best shot. If I don't, it's not the end of the world. Canada will be my "safety race," and I'm still considering Cozumel (with Alex) as a potential season finale.

Registration for Tahoe opens at noon tomorrow. Wish me luck!