Monday, June 11, 2012

Three weeks?!

Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.

For some reason, I felt pretty good about taking a week off last Tuesday. I think I was telling myself that I'd run a bit during my week on the east coast, or that I'd watch my diet. My body definitely needed a break and I hoped to come out of the time off having put all of my injuries behind me. I also think I was trying to convince myself that I'd come out the other side and be juuuust fine.

Well, I'm definitely rested and my injuries are definitely on the mend -- but they're not quite there yet. And I bet I gained five pounds over the weekend.

Now I'm doing the math and Kristine and I leave for Switzerland in only TWENTY-THREE DAYS.

I'm freaking out. Part of me wants to really smash the next three weeks. But another part of me is wary of pushing too hard and screwing myself out of a real taper. Or worse, injuring myself even further than I already have. I'm going to have to show some restraint.


I definitely have some catching up to do after this little vacation. I think I'll try and tackle this week with some extra zeal. Some solid aerobic burn will go a long way toward providing me with some much-needed peace of mind. I'll ratchet the intensity back down to normal levels next week, and then back up for the third week. A ten-day taper will begin as soon as I set foot on that plane to Zurich on July 4.

These next three weeks are make-or-break. I'm going to need all of the help, support and encouragement I can get.

Note to self #1: Next year, hire an actual coach!
Note to self #2: Try not to take week-long vacations during the final month of training for major races ever again.