Monday, June 18, 2012

There's always someone crazier

The world of ultra endurance racing is proof that no matter crazy someone might think you are, there's always someone (or lots of someones) out there that's crazier.

I love this chart (above), which compares the distance and profile of the Boston Marathon (lower left) with the profiles and distances of some of the world's most challenging ultra-marathon races. "Heartbreak Hill" is barely a blip on the Ultra radar. (I may have to amend my original statement - if you're Leadville-class runner, you might be at the top of the craziness food-chain.)

In the triathlon world, you've got Ironman-distance races. But you've also got examples of absolute insanity like the Ultraman World Championships ( or the Epic5 ( The former is a three-day, 320-mile triathlon that includes 6.2 miles of swimming, 261 miles of cycling and 52.4 miles of running. The latter is a seven-day event wherein competitors complete an Ironman-distance triathlon on each of the five major Hawaiian islands. INSANE!!