Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short break before the home stretch!

Okay, wow. The past six weeks have been pretty tough. Though I did allow myself a light week in the middle there, the past six weekends have all featured some pretty extreme rides. There were two 200Ks, two centuries, a Tour of California stage ride and an Ironman.

My running has been off since Ironman St. George, and while I wasn't concerned last week, now I'm starting to worry. Swimming has been off as well, ever since I pulled that muscle. It's a shame, too - I came out of IMSG feeling pretty fantastic in the water.

From a cycling perspective, I've definitely earned some rest. From a running and swimming perspective, my body is demanding it. So as much as it freaks me out to take time off just five weeks from race day, I'm going to do so. I'm going to do something I haven't done since January - take three or four (or five?) consecutive days off.

What's awesome is that this short break just so happens to line up nicely with a trip back to the east coast we'd planned several months ago. We're going to spend some time with family (hers and mine) and I'm going to try not to over-eat at every turn. When we get back to San Francisco on Tuesday, I hope to feel refreshed and healed and ready to tackle the final four weeks of race prep.

We're entering the home stretch!