Wednesday, June 20, 2012


"I think it's a hamstring tear, for sure," my doctor said, matter-of-factly. "You can't do the race. You'll rupture your hamstring."

I'm pretty jaded when it comes to diagnoses. I feel like I've heard it all. Stress fracture. Tendinosis. Bursitis. But when she said that, alarm bells started to sound in my brain.

The IT/hamstring pain that had been bothering me through May has lingered on through most of June. I took a week off and it felt a little bit better. On Sunday, I went for a nice, long run. It felt okay - a little tight, if anything, but totally manageable. Then it stiffened up. Bad. I've been limping ever since.

Anyway, last time I was in to see the doctor, she said she'd give me a shot of cortizone to stamp out the inflammation if the other things she'd prescribed didn't help it improve. So despite the limp, I wasn't concerned. I had another follow-up scheduled for Wednesday (today). I'd just go in, get jumped full of steroids and be on my way.

I guess something about my gait or recovery (or lack thereof) changed her tune. Hmm. Well, we'll know for sure in a few days - I've got an MRI scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, which means the results should come back by the end of the week.

You'll rupture your hamstring. You'll rupture your hamstring. That's scary. That's really scary. And what's even scarier is that I have been running on this tear. Who knows how close I've come to serious injury? The thought makes my mouth run dry. You'll rupture your hamstring.

Maybe my season ended at Ironman St. George and I just don't know it yet.