Friday, May 4, 2012

Utah, baby.

Last week, the news broke that 2012 would be the final year for Ironman St. George, the most difficult Ironman race in North America, because they were having trouble filling it to capacity. I had always thought of IMSTG as one of the races I might like to so some day, so naturally, I was disappointed. I tweeted this:

It was intended as a joke... until Kristine pinged me and said, "So are we really going to Utah this weekend?" Then I started to really think about the possibility. On Sunday, two friends from SFTri convinced me to seriously consider the opportunity.

On Monday, I registered.

On Thursday, Kristine and I packed up my old, usually-parked-in-Mountain View, barely-driven Honda Civic, poured a couple hundred bucks into it so it wouldn't explode on us, and hit the road.

Today we're in St. George, Utah. Tomorrow, I race!

This is a crazy thing. And probably a very stupid thing. But after several months of monotonously training for Switzerland, I felt the need to do something a bit stupid and spontaneous. I'm not going into this with any pre-conceptions. This course is far more challenging than either Vineman or Western Australia. It will be hot, hilly, and windswept. And the run... the run will be miserable.

But you know what? I'm not here to break ten hours, or eleven hours, or even twelve hours. I'm here to take this one "easy," gain some fitness and experience, and check another Ironman race off my list. If I need to walk the entire marathon, I'll walk it. If my ankle falls apart on me, I'll stop. I'd like to finish, yes. But I'm not going to try to kill myself tomorrow.

However hard or not hard I profess to try, tomorrow is going to be a long, challenging day. So thanks to all of you who have already wished me luck. You're all awesome!
And super-ultra-mega thanks to Kristine for being so supportive of me, and for sacrificing your extended weekend to sit with me in a car all the way to Utah and back, and for carrying my broken, battered body back to the hotel tomorrow night (and then putting up with my aches and pains for the foreseeable future). I've said it before and I'll say it again: I couldn't do any of this without you.
For those who'd like to follow along, Kristine'll probably be tweeting from her Twitter account, @cheekiness. I'm racing under bib #1841, which I bet you can track via The race begins at 7am MT. Holy shhhh--!!!

See you on the other side,