Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two months to go!

I don't know if driving for twelve hours in a car that doesn't have cruise control is at the first in the list of things not to do immediately following an Ironman race, but it should be near the top. My stiff and sore legs only became more stiff and sore as Sunday and Monday wore on. I gave myself a few days rest (eating everything in sight, of course!) but now we're a week out. Time to get back to it.

Lots of riders commuting on BTWD!

Last Thursday was Bike To Work Day, which, coincidentally, is always one of the best-weather days of the year here in San Francisco and the surrounding towns. Since my normal commute is less than four miles door-to-door, I started a small BTWD tradition a few years ago: climbing Mt. Tam before work. But this year, with these legs, I wasn't confident in my ability to scale those last 200 meters.

Instead, I opted to ride down to Mountain View with the SF2G crew. I'm glad I did - the ride was an absolute blast. My legs responded surprisingly well to being back on a bike, and I found myself huffing and puffing with a fast group screaming along the Bayway route. We actually made it to Google in one of my fastest-ever commutes: 2 hours and 8 minutes for 41.5 miles.

M2 at the start.

Then I took it easy on Friday and did a light spin on Saturday, knowing that the big test would come on Monday when I joined the M2Revolution ride from San Francisco to Santa Cruz (following the course of the second stage of the Amgen Tour of California). The ride was totally awesome -- pacelines abound on Highway 1, steep climbs (okay, well, the steep climbs weren't so awesome) and good company. We covered the first 60 miles with an average above 19 mph, which is pretty incredible considering the headwind we were riding into!

I was worried we'd be riding under the chill of a marine layer most of the day, but the sun managed to burn off the clouds by early afternoon and we were able to enjoy beer and burgers at Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz before piling onto two huge buses and shuttling back home. The ride was hard, fun, and definitely memorable!

The plan now: get un-sore and start running again. (I attempted a short, two-mile run after yesterday's ride, but wow, that hurt!) My body is slowly healing from the exertion of St. George - my legs are coming back stronger and stronger every day. There are only a limited number of weekends left before Kristine and I set out for Zurich, so it's going to be important to make every single one count. IMSG was a fun diversion, but now it's time to recover and get back on track to crush that course in Zurich.