Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sometimes this blog feels more like a continuously morphing list of injuries and afflictions than an actual training log. Such is life, I suppose. At times, you feel invincible. This season, though, I've dealt with issue after nagging issue. If it's not one thing, it's another.

I've been dealing with some significant IT/hamstring tendinosis in my left leg since IMSG. I've been trying my best to manage it well - I haven't run on solid ground in a few weeks, and I've been icing down and rolling out just about every night. These symptoms were quite acute last weekend, but seem to be slowly (oh so slowly) fading.

If that wasn't enough, I've been out of the pool for over a week now with a severe upper back (trapezius? rhomboid?) strain. I've pulled muscles in my back before and this is definitely the worst I've ever felt. I can barely tie my shoes. Getting out of bed hurts, and sneezing equates to a world of pain. Fortunately, it doesn't affect me during treadmill runs or intervals on the stationary bike. It's not bad on the open road either: long descents tweak it a bit, as do steep climbs that force me out-of-the-saddle.

We're six weeks from Ironman Switzerland. I'm going to train hard through this weekend and the Sequoia 200K bike ride before hopping on a plane and flying east to visit friends and family in New York and Pennsylvania. I had hope this weekend would involve a lot of long-distance running, but now I'm thinking my body might benefit more from a few days of solid rest.

On the bright side, it seems like the Achilles injury that plagued me for the first five months of the season (and two months of the off-season) might finally be under control! (Knock on wood!)

This season hasn't been long, but the never-ending injury parade has made it seem that way. I'm looking forward to Ironman Zurich, and I'm looking forward to an off-season that will give me the time to focus on some new things - flexibility, injury prevention, core strength (especially lateral leg strength), fun base miles on the bike and faster, more comfortable running.