Thursday, April 5, 2012


I got a bit carried away this week after an especially good run on Saturday. I should've taken two days off and just run on Tuesday (or at least run on the Alter-G or a treadmill). Instead, I decided to pound pavement on Monday morning and run in to work. Mistake.

I'm now back in full-on ice-and-ibuprofen mode as I attempt to triage the resulting (and quite painful) left-calf flare-up.

This injury has been lingering around in such a frustrating fashion for so many months that I'm almost just beyond caring about it any more. It hurts today. It will probably hurt next week, and next month, and three months from now. I'm just going to have to limp through it, get this race done however I can and then figure out exactly what needs to be done so I can have a real season in 2013 that's not dominated by injury.

The good news of the moment is that I'm about to enter into a "light week" at the end of a training cycle, which will give me the opportunity to let my calf rest and hopefully recover before I need to start running on it again. Note to self: run outside less, run on treadmills and Alter-Gs more.