Friday, March 23, 2012

What's up?

There've been a couple things on my mind this week.


Those sensations of motivation loss and/or burn out that I mentioned last week haven't gone away, but I am doing my best to manage them. I'm trying a slightly re-arranged schedule (spinning on Mondays in the afternoon and Wednesdays in the morning) just to mix things up a bit.

I'm also backing off a bit in the pool - whereas before, I'd strive to hit 5,000 yards one or two times a week, now I'm letting myself be satisfied with 3,700-4,000. Most of my pool training to-date has been long and slow, so once I start feeling better, I'd like to start mixing in some higher-intensity stuff (sprints, intervals, etc.) and speed work over the next few weeks, too.


I weighed in this week and found that I am 5-7 pounds above race-weight. Despite having given up chocolate for Lent, I've still managed to eat poorly over the past few weeks. My chocolate snacking has been replaced by not-chocolate snacking. This is something I'm going to have to address in the coming weeks, especially as I start running more.

I find that I have a much easier time running when I'm eating healthier foods, e.g. more greens and fiber., and fewer sugars and starches. And running in general's going to be a bit easier if I don't have to lug around those extra five pounds.


Speaking of running, I've gone for one or two runs in the new running shoes that my podiatrist recommended. I'm not entirely sold on them; they advertise a lot of good cushioning, but in practice, the ride feels very... hard. On the bright side, the toe-wrap seems to be helping. My left calf has felt much better over the past few days - almost normal!

I have to remember to ramp my running up slow. Since my last outing on Wednesday, my right calf has actually been a bit ominously sore/tight. WTF? It's just one thing after another with me. Hopefully this is just some straightforward soreness or a simple muscle strain and not the precursor to something more sinister.


I'm just about to head south for a three-day triathlon training camp with the San Francisco Triathlon Club! I'd be more excited if the forecast wasn't so gloomy... but such is life. Hopefully I can get at least one good ride in this weekend before the rain comes. Look for a full report after the weekend!