Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Learning, and buying shoes

I've seen a lot of specialists (two physical therapists, two orthopedists, a chiropractor and a podiatrist) over the past few weeks, and they all have different opinions about shoes for flat-footed runners. On one hand, the many degrees of variation can be quite confusing. On the other hand, I am learning a whole lot about my legs and feet.

To make a long story short, though: from the sound of things, none of the shoes I've bought in the past year are actually "right" for me.

My podiatrist is now recommending the Nike Structure 15's and the Brooks Tracer 11's. My chiropractor is recommending the new Puma Faas 800's and the Nike Lunarglide 3's.

Side note(s): I actually trained most of last year in a pair of Nike Structure 13's. They wound up being my Vineman shoe, too. And right now, I'm in the process of breaking in a pair of Nike Lunareclipse 2's. The podiatrist says they're "Surprisingly okay, but not great."

Oh, and get this: apparently I've been buying shoes at the wrong size for almost my entire life. Yep, though my feet from heels to toes are just over a size 9, my (super-flat) arch length is equivalent to a size 11. That means I should be buying larger shoes in a narrower format. Hmm.

I'm going to order a bunch of these online and do a bit more gait analysis in the next week or two.