Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Toe

My feet are ugly.
I probably should've warned you before posting a picture of my foot, but now it's too late. What you see above is part of the potential treatment for the latest diagnosis in the ongoing saga, "What's wrong with my Achilles?"

What is that diagnosis, you ask? Well, turns out it might not be my Achilles at all. Dr. Saunders had a look at my MRIs from January and pointed out some inflammation that could be indicative of a small tear in the tendon that helps to flex my big toe. Apparently that tendon wraps around the underside of your ankle and follows the posterior tibialis up alongside the Achilles on the inside of the foot. That's just about where my pain seems to emanate from.

So it could be a tear, or it could be tenosynovitis, as before - but the good news is that whatever's wrong might not actually be wrong with my Achilles at all.


Anyway, this new diagnosis does begin to explain why I have more pain on impact than on push-off. The way my foot over-pronates, apparently I put a lot of force on my big toe with each strike. As that force vibrates up the unhealthy tendon, things start to hurt. The same could have been true for the Achilles, but the doctors wrapped my toe in this splint-like situation (pictured above) and had me run on it... and things actually felt pretty good!

More on this as the week progresses.

Training Update

South By Southwest didn't turn out to be as restful as I would have hoped. I came back feeling drained, and further training sessions only led me to feeling more and more tired. I think I'm treading a thin line right now -- somehow, I find myself at the edge of being overtrained.

My motivation has been waning for a few weeks now, and this past week was pretty miserable. Fortunately, the random Lehigh win over Duke in the NCAA tournament gave me a bit of a spark and got me through the weekend. Now I just have to be careful and stay as positive as possible... and not push myself too hard, either.

I also gotta force myself to get out onto the actual road on my actual bike and ride actual miles... if I don't start soon, I'm going to pay for it in July!