Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fifteen Percent

I'm writing this post from the sofa of an anonymous cabin in Tahoe. This is my reward for making it through the first four weeks of official training for the 2012 season. I'm kicking back by the fire with a glass of Martinelli's in hand and a some great tunes on the stereo. (In case you're wondering, I'm currently digging the Cook Trio's acoustic gypsy jazz.) This is the life!

I don't ski or snowboard, so these infrequent trips to Tahoe with Kristine and friends double as forced inactivity. This might be hard for some to comprehend, but I have an extremely hard time "resting" at home in San Francisco. Maybe it's the fair weather, or the pool's close proximity, or the bikes silently judging me from the wall in the dining room, but I just can't sit still.

I'm just as fidgety and restless here as I am back in San Francisco, but I'm without my bikes, goggles or running shoes, which means my fatigued muscles and tired tendons have a solid forty-eight hours to recuperate. Sometimes, my conscience kicks in ("You really should adjust your diet; you're not burning any calories."), but with just about five months of training ahead of me, I think I can probably afford to be a little bit less healthy this weekend.

The past four(-ish) weeks were pretty tough. I wasn't out logging lots of miles on the road, but I did return to M2 after a four month hiatus and I've been pushing the pedals there on a very regular basis. I also re-joined the local pool and master's program, so I've been knocking the rust off in the water, too. Getting back into two disciplines is hard work!

Running rehab is going well. There are still good days and bad days, but things are improving. I've been running semi-regularly on the Alter-G treadmill and hope to transition that to real road- or trail-running in the next few weeks. (This injury could turn out to be a mixed blessing in some ways: ramping bike intervals and swim practices back up at the same time was difficult enough; adding runs into the mix at the same time would have been impossible!)

Twenty-two weeks remain before Ironman Switzerland. One major training block's complete; five more to go. Bring it.