Monday, February 6, 2012

Data collection

So... remember my last post about watts and power? Consider this a follow-up. After blitzing my legs for another week (three interval sessions in six days), I took to the roads on my Giant to collect a bit more data. I kept things mostly tempo and then uploaded the ride to Strava when I got home.

Aside: I'm sure there are better tools out there for power-data analysis (cue Vitaly's Golden Cheetah plug) but I'm really not looking to get that technical with this information just yet.

Anyway, here's what my numbers look like, more or less. Granted, one ride on already-sore legs doesn't make for a very statistically significant sample size. Hopefully a few more months of solid intervals and focused legwork will help me improve on these. (For what it's worth, the numbers I'm most interested in are my 10-, 20- and 60-minute averages.)

In related news I, actually got to do some running last week! Dr. Lord cleared me for twenty minutes of light jogging on the Alter-G treadmill at 80% of my body-weight. It felt okay, for the most part, but things started to get a little bit tweaky by the end of the session. That evening, my calf and Achilles tightened up a bit; I started to worry that I'd set myself back another few weeks.

Fortunately, the tightness didn't linger long; by the next morning, I was feeling mostly okay. That's a good sign. I'll probably try another twenty minute session tonight. If that goes well, I think it's time I start very gradually increasing the frequency and duration of my Alter-G runs. Could I be on track to start real running by the end of the month? (Knock on wood.)

The Alter-G treadmill at M2 Revolution cycle studio