Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Plan

In 2010, I picked up Joe Friel's A Triathlete's Training Bible and Gordo Byrne's Going Long and designed a 24-week training program that followed their advice to the letter. As a result, I found myself putting in 18-24 training hours per week for several months. Tough stuff. In 2011, I went in an almost opposite direction, attempting to maximize my time spent running and minimize my time spent cycling and swimming. This year, I'd like to strike a balance.

Thanks to my bum Achilles, I already know that my running routine is going to be tricky to map out. But I do know that I'd like to swim more. And I also know that I'd like to ride faster. I  think I'll re-join my old Master's swim program, continue spinning at M2, and begin to work intervals into my running workouts after I've taken care of my calf and built up a small base.

I'm thinking I'll swim 4-5 times per week, run 3-4 times per week and spin/ride 2-4 times per week, which will put me at between 9 and 15 hours per week. Totally manageable.

My workout sessions should be around sixty minutes each (runs will be shorter in the beginning, any real road rides will be longer) until I need to start ramping up the mileage in April. I'd like to put in two 6+ hour rides in May and three in June. Running... well, that MRI I had on Friday should give me a whole lot of insight. We'll know more in a couple days!