Saturday, January 28, 2012

Injury Update

The results are in, and the news is mostly good. The MRI no muscle or tendon tears. Nothing structural's been compromised. It would appear that my pain is the result of a combination of Achilles tendinosis and posterior tibial/flexor digitorum tenosynovitis.

To the best of my understanding, that means that my Achilles and the "sheath" that it's housed in are both irritated and filled with scar tissue and "gunk." Because of this "gunk," the tendon is not able to glide easily within the sheath. Running in this condition results in friction, and friction results in pain and more scar tissue.

I've been referred to another doctor - a chiropractor, actually - to work on the area with an interesting massage technique called Graston. I'll be seeing him bi-weekly for the next six weeks; hopefully this voodoo magic will clear out that sheath and have me running again by the end of February.

I'm not totally sold on this whole "chiropractor" thing, but he seems to know what he's talking about when it comes to running injuries, so I'm willing to see where this takes me. Unfortunately, this treatment method isn't completely supported by my health insurance, so if things don't start to improve in the next few weeks, I'll be going back to the M.D. and we'll do something a bit more invasive (injections?) to get things back to mostly-normal.

Keep your fingers crossed.