Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back indoors.

With rain finally returning to the forecast after what seems like months of sun, I have returned to my favorite indoor cycling spot: M2 Revolution. I actually had a great deal of success last year building some focused, wattage-based spinning into my training program, and as an added bonus, it kept me dry through the wet months of February and March. This year, I'm looking for a repeat.

Side story: When I started spinning at M2 in the fall of 2010, I found that I seemed to be able to produce my best watts when the fit of my spin bike closely matched the fit of my road bike. Every time I tried to mimic the fit of my newly-procured time-trial bike, my watts dropped significantly. I eventually stopped trying to mimic that aggressive, time trial fit and just went for the best watts I could get.

Today, I adjusted the stationary bike to match my P3's fit for the first time in a year, and much to my surprise, my watts were actually better than the other way around. Cool. I think I should've actually expected this; I've noticed over the past few months that I feel more comfortable/faster on my road bike when I hunker down into my most time trial-centric position. I think a full year of training on my P3 has actually forced a noticeable shift in my strengths on the bike and riding style. It took a while, but maybe now I'm finally optimized for triathlon!

In other news, we're going on eight weeks since my last real run. I saw a doctor about my achilles and calf today; she's ordering up an MRI, so hopefully I can get that taken care of in the next few days and have a real diagnosis and treatment plan drawn up some time in the next two weeks. Cross your fingers for me.