Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Achilles that wouldn't heal.

I was out for my regular, eight-mile morning run in late November when I felt a sharp, shooting pain lance upward from the back of my ankle and through my calf. I was forced to limp almost four miles home.

I stopped running for two weeks before testing the waters again with a short, easy jog. It felt better, but still tight. After the run, I could tell my left Achilles was angry.

It's now been seven weeks since the date of injury. I've attempted a handful of test-runs, but none in the past two weeks. I've been seeing a physical therapist, who has been trying to massage the area and work out whatever scar tissue and/or irritation exists.

On Tuesday, I had some kind of flare-up. I'm starting to feel like I've made no progress toward being able to run again in the six weeks since I essentially shelved my running shoes. Now I'm concerned that I might have to shelve my cycling shoes as well. Cycling doesn't seem to trigger a reaction, but I don't know what else I can cut out of my routine at this point.

Training for Ironman Zurich is supposed to begin on Sunday.

I'm not in panic-mode yet, but I'm getting close. This is not how the season was supposed to begin; this was supposed to be the beginning of my attempt to "put it all together" in what I had hoped to be my third and fastest Ironman race. Now I'm worried I might be forced to limp to the line without the right training under my belt.

If this injury lingers much longer, or if I'm forced to take any extended period of time off the bike, I might have to consider the possibility of scrapping this summer's race - and the entire 2012 season - and spend my time getting healthy again.