Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, blog!

I'm going to pretend that one of these guys is me.

I apologize to the four of you who read this blog -- I've had a new post on my to-do list time and time again over the past six weeks, but I've never actually forced myself to sit down and do any writing. I have updates stewing on a few subjects, so I'll try to have at least one ready for your enjoyment by the end of the weekend.

First off, I owe you all a recap of the Big Kahuna triathlon I competed in three weeks back. I wound up registering for that race at the last minute, and despite being rather unfocused in the weeks leading up to the event, I did surprisingly well!

In my second post, I'd like to talk "off-season" strategy a bit. I had originally planned some tough-but-fun weeks on the bike and on the pavement, but injuries have forced me to re-scope. More on this (and the injuries) later.

Finally, I need to put together a program of races for 2012. This year was odd - and somewhat boring - in that I only really raced twice. I'm registered for Ironman Zurich next July, but I'd like to try my hand at some other new races: Wildflower, the American Triple-T, and/or some Olympic-distance events. There's also a chance I pass on the Zurich trip in light of my August wedding, so I've got to keep my eyes and ears open for full-distance race alternatives.

More on all of the above in the next few days!