Saturday, July 2, 2011

Then and now.

I ran twenty miles this morning. The first five miles (from Alamo Square to the ocean) served as a great warm-up for the final fifteen. I turned north just before the Panhandle and took Arguello up into the Presidio and then followed Lincoln down to (and eventually across) the Golden Gate Bridge before turning back and retracing my steps back home.

Around mile 17, I started musing to myself about the differences between this year's Ironman preparations versus last year's.

In the twelve weeks leading up to taper for Ironman Western Australia, I averaged 90 minutes running per week and six hours swimming. In the twelve weeks leading up to taper for Vineman, I've averaged five hours of running per week and 2 hours of swimming. I'm running more than three times as much. I'm swimming about a third as much. Perfect.

For kicks, let's compare total mileage. 12 weeks before taper, IMWA vs. Vineman? 70 miles vs. 360 miles. Big freakin' difference!

Let's hope it pays off!