Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planning for 2012

We're only a few hour-hand rotations away from July, which means this year's half over. Time to start thinking about the next one.

I've complained about this before and I'll complain about it again: Ironman-distance races sell out way too fast. Vineman might still be a month away, but if I want to register for any races in July 2012, I need to decide in the next two weeks - because by the end of the month, they'll all be full!

I posted before about a few of the options I was juggling. At that point, Ironman France was the clear front-runner. That has changed - there's too much climbing (and descending) in IMFR. I'm now weighing Ironman Switzerland against Challenge-Roth. Both races take place on July 8, 2012. Both sound awesome.

The Ironman-series race takes place in and around Zurich. I hear the course is fast and the terrain is beautiful. The Challenge-series race takes place about an hour north of Munich and passes through a series of small but enthusiastic towns. It is said that 125,000 spectators came out to watch Challenge-Roth competitors race in 2010!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear what you think! (See also: the poll in the blog's right-nav.)