Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mark your calendars!

86 days away!
Welcome to May, and welcome to less than three months until Vineman!

I know how calendars fill up, so I'm going to put this on yours early. If you're looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday in late July, hop in your car (or your friend's car, or a Zipcar) and come on up to Sonoma to cheer me through the heat and the hills as I tackle my second Ironman-distance triathlon.

Out-of-towners, come visit the left coast! San Franciscans, you have no excuse! The city will be cold and foggy in late July so this is your chance to escape! Heck, you could even ride your bike if you wanted.

The date is Saturday, July 30.

The forecast will probably be warm and sunny, and proximity to some of California's best wineries will be as good as it gets. Plan to make a day (or weekend) of it!

Side note #1 - Many of you have asked me where I am with the wrapper collection. The honest answer? I'm not sure! I think I'm hovering around 600 wrappers at this point. I've got to do a recount, so look for an update in the next few days!

Side note #2 - Longtime readers may remember that I tackled this very same race last year as part of a totally bad-ass three-man relay team. And we won!