Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The (F)AD Scale Addendum

I got a few good comments on my last post - some here on the blog and some via email - and would like to circle back quickly to amend what I wrote before based on what some folks have said. From an email I received:
With respect to measures and dimensions of an athlete/athleticism – I think attitude (“driver” behind motivation and drive) and aptitude, ability or one’s potential, be it natural or requiring hard work (achieved by +ve attitude) are paramount and result in a level of fitness the individual wants to achieve – I believe these two apply to all facets of life!
 I couldn't agree more. My original dimensions, drive and ability, have been abstracted just a bit more to apply to the much more broader field of, well... just about anything anyone would want (or not want) to do. Attitude is the parent of drive and Aptitude is a better measure of what I was calling ability or potential ability. And that's totally right - if you abstract it like that, you can apply this to just about anything. Music. Sports. Writing. Ordering food. Crossword puzzles. Yoga.

Unfortunately for Brian, I still don't exactly know where a 350-pound offensive tackle fits on the scale. Something tells me they, like competitive eaters, are probably exceptions to the rule.