Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As I was writing my last blog post, I was thinking to myself, "I probably shouldn't mention how well running's going these days, because every time I do that, I get hurt." It's true. It happens every time.

Saturday morning's run was painless. I felt fine on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, I wake up with that old, familiar ache along the arch of my right foot, just in front of my ankle. Alarm bells.

I started icing on Sunday and was still stepping gingerly and with some pain on Monday. I was scheduled to run this morning, but didn't. Posterior tibial tendonitis is back.

I'm so frustrated I could break something.

Now I'm trying to get appointments with foot specialists and sports therapists, and trying to decide what this means as far as training goes. Do I try running again in a day or two? Do I take a week off? Two? Six?

Recurring injuries like this are so discouraging. Mentally, I just can't deal with this flaring up every time I start running with any consistency.

Update (11:55 AM) - From my understanding, the crux of the issue isn't purely overuse or worn-out running shoes. After a few rounds of X-rays and MRI's in the fall, my podiatrist identified an 'accessory navicular' in my foot. This is a small bone that most people have, but apparently mine is in some way larger or more obtrusive than normal.

The posterior tibial tendon stretches from the calf down the inside of the ankle and along the arch of the foot - right over this accessory bone. The theory that was floated in September was that the bone is actually protruding into the tendon and creating a hot spot there. As long as that bone's rubbing against the tendon there, I don't know if I'll ever be able to run without this kind of irritation. Surgery?