Friday, January 14, 2011

Super hard ride tomorrow, WHO'S IN?!!1!

Dear friends, 

Except for two miserable hours on Wednesday morning, I haven't been on my bike in six weeks. My diet has been composed mostly of liquid bread, and chocolate, cheese and bacon. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to ride to the bridge. It's going to be rough. If I make it that far, I'll think about shooting for Sausalito. I'd like* to make it all the way to Tiburon. The ferry may very well be the only way I make it home. 

Are you as fat and/or lazy as me? Then maybe you'll join me for the most painful(-ly slow) Paradise Loop imaginable. Not fat or lazy? You can do a hill repeats while I try to avoid having a coronary on Camino Alto. (Someone should probably bring a defibrillator. We'll make the fit person carry it.)

At the pace I'm predicting, if I leave my house in Russian Hill at 8:15, I have a good shot at making it to the bridge in time for the regular 9:30 ride. Cross your fingers for me. And maybe see you there!


* - Term used loosely. I don't think I'm going to "like" much about the physical act of riding my bike. At all. Ever again.