Monday, January 17, 2011

And the Winner(s) is (are)...

A few weeks ago, I asked for some help settling on primary target for the 2011 season. Some of you voted, which is awesome. I've spent the past two weeks mulling the options over and, while I appreciate your opinion...

Despite more than half of you hoping I'd do Ironman Canada, I'm going to have to pass. The reason I want to do a race in North America this year's so my friends and family could come out and support me. The more I learn about the Canada course, the more un-spectator-friendly it sounds. Each discipline's only one lap. From a competitor's perspective, that sounds great! But to someone who's just in town to watch, that's miserable - they'd only see me pass by three times over ten hours. I'm not going to make my parents fly all the way to British Columbia for that.

On top of that, Canada's expensive. It'd cost me over $1,000 just to sign up! I'm going to take the money I save by not signing up for Canada and use it for flights to, say, Ironman New Zealand or Florianopolis in 2012.

Silverman is also out. It's just too late in the season; November won't give me enough time to recover before I'm forced to jump back into the routine for an early 2012 race. The timing might be perfect for a late 2012 race - I just can't fit it into this year.

That leaves two options: Napa Valley's Vineman in late July or Cedar Point's Rev3 in early September. Both of these have a lot of upside. I know the Vineman course already. It's so close to home that I could almost drive up the morning of  the race. I'm hearing great things about Rev3 and it's basically in my parents' backyard. Neither race is perfect - both will be hot, and Vineman's swim is slow and slimy - but you can't be too choosy when you're picking races off of the sale rack.

More on these races in a bit!