Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day

The past few days have been just what they needed to be: chill. Kristine arrived on Thursday (yay!), along with flatmates Russell (who's about to tackle his seventh Ironman!) and Weilun. This little chalet is so packed to the gills with bikes and bike paraphernalia that it's almost hard to move around without knocking over an expensive piece of carbon.

This is the life.

Kristine and I took a break from Busselton yesterday to do some actual sightseeing. We saw (and hiked around) a lighthouse that's perched on what seems to be the end of the world, spotted a humpback whale or two swimming off the coast and stumbled upon a huge, craggy, wind-whipped rock called Sugarloaf. On the way back, we took an exploratory left turn and found a little, deserted piece of paradise called Meelup beach. The picture's worth more words than I can type here.

My own private beach

One thing I feel the need to mention about Western Australia (WA): the flies are ridiculous. They don't bite, but they are incessant, buzzing around your face, ears, landing on your back. It's unpleasant. The locals seem used to them, but I can barely walk outside without continuously swatting every which way in  a vain attempt to keep the flies at bay. 

The flies were especially bad during the lighthouse hike. Yuck.

Want to know the best thing about Sugarloaf Rock and Meelup beach? They were blessedly fly-free.

Anyway, this is just about it: twelve hours from now, I'll be shrugging into my wetsuit and taking to the beach for the start of Ironman Western Australia. I spent most of the day preparing my transition bags, doing some last-minute wrench-work on my bike and otherwise fretting about the finer details of tomorrow's race. After all that, I think I'm ready.

Kristine will be snapping photos and posting real-time updates via my Twitter account, and I believe you can track my progress online at (I'm bib #196!)

See you all on the other side!

Final tune-up
PS - I've received a lot of supportive, encouraging emails over the past few days. I really appreciate every single one of them! I promise I'll respond to you as soon as I have a nice, quiet place with reliable internet... this sketchy McDonald's just doesn't cut it!