Sunday, December 19, 2010


Skirting the Southern Ocean
I know, I know - it's been two weeks since the race without even a hint of a race report. As previously mentioned, I've been "busy" relaxing. Kristine and I hopped in the car and left Busselton last Tuesday and spent several days exploring Western Australia's wine country, coastlines and national parks. It has been incredible.

We then spent a few days in Perth, the most remote city of over a million people in the world. Highlights? The enormous (and absolutely stunning) Kings Park, and a great Thai dinner with new friends Sonia and Mark in their suburban home. More on all of this later.

Relaxation aside, there have been two significant changes in my behavior since the Ironman. I've learned to let myself sleep - not sleep in, per se, but sleep a lot. Western Australia is a sleepy region; the people there follow the sun. Most towns were shuttered up as soon as the sun went down, and most people seemed to rise early in the morning as the sun's coming back up. I really enjoyed that; when you're on vacation in a place where there's no nightlife, you don't feel pressured to try to participate in it. You can safely crawl into bed with a book and doze off before the clock strikes nine.

The other big change has been diet. Oh man. Leading up to the race, that Paleo diet really turned eating into a boring exercise, but since... I have been consumed more delicious (and probably terrible-for-me) food in the past two weeks than ever in my life. I'm like a bottomless pit of consumption. It's awesome. Not at all sustainable, but hell, I'm on vacation.

Mmm, breakfast.
Anyway, it's Monday morning and I'm in Sydney. I'm mentally drafting my race report(s), but I don't fly home until Wednesday and can't promise any of them will start to trickle out before I'm back on U.S. soil. I have just a few more days of official vacation time and I want to make sure I spend them on the beach and not hunched over my little netbook.