Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IMWA: Thank-You's

I promise, I'm almost done. One more after this and then I'll shut up!

It took a full week before I was able to comfortably walk up and down stairs and another week before I could even toy with the idea of running again. I say "toy with," because it's now been over three weeks and that's about as far as I've gotten. Getting back into the routine's going to be uncomfortable, but I think I'll continue to put it off for at least a few more days. The easy availability of junkfood around Christmas time is too hard to pass up!

Anyway, I need to take a few dozen words to say some thank-you's. There are a lot of people out there that I really couldn't have done this thing without. 

My family. I wouldn't be here without their support, not just this year, but through all the years. I have the best parents ever and the two sweetest sisters the world has ever seen. Knowing that so many of my aunts and uncles stayed up to follow me on race day - stayed up until 5 in the morning! - warms my heart.

Alex. I seriously don't think I would've even signed up for this had you not agreed to it back in March and seriously considered scrapping the whole thing in July. Even though you were forced to sit this one out, your support never wavered. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like you. This adventure didn't work out; time to start planning the next one.

Bret. Alex. Keith. Vitaly. The three Mikes. And anyone else who got up with me super early on a Saturday morning for an unpleasant, Sergeant Valko-style ride. And the rest of Mission Cycling, too. You folks are why I even bother getting on my bike. You make pushing pedals worth while.

David. Dude, you might be the most crotchety lane-mate I've ever had, but thanks for pushing me in the pool all these months.

Allison, Alexa, Sarah, Morten and the rest of the Online Help team. It's kind of hard to get things accomplished with someone who's training six hours a day, but you bent over backwards to help me make it work.

Brian. Also known in this blog's comments as "Dinner with Dexter," Brian, you're probably one of the nicest, zaniest, most supportive, most enjoyable people to be around, especially in a quiet office amidst six months of grueling training.

Sonia and Mark. (Owen and James, too!) Thanks for welcoming me into your home in Perth. Thanks Bret, for putting me in touch with them.

Last, but certainly not least, Kristine. You got sucked into this mid-way through and never blinked twice. A trip to Australia's a big deal on it's own, and a trip to Australia to watch and support me during a ten hour race, plus nurse me back to health afterward... that's almost saintly. (Putting up with a perpetually exhausted, always-training, basically fun-free boyfriend for a few months beforehand was pretty amazing, too.)

I think everyone else out there owes you a special thanks as well - for the great mid-race coverage and incredible pictures!

...and to ANYONE else who's followed along, cheered me on, put up with my whining, my schedule, my tiredness, my diet, trained with me, coached me, advised me contributed to this crazy feat in any small way (you know who you are), thanks to you, too. This was a team effort. We did it.