Monday, November 22, 2010


I started packing on Sunday. The thought of fitting everything I might need for almost a month of traveling into a bag or two seems quite daunting, especially when you factor in all of the race-specific gear I need to bring along.

Fortunately, I am an excellent packer. My ability to fill (or not-fill) a duffel or suitcase was honed to perfection by two years as a consultant. I packed more suitcases in twenty-four months than most people pack in their entire life.

So... a few pairs of shorts, more than a few t-shirts, a couple button-downs, a pair of khakis, sock, underwear, swim gear, run gear, bike gear, nutrition, and four pairs of shoes later and this is what I've got. Not so bad, eh?

I still have to pack my bike and a few other necessities, but I think this is a good first crack at the task at hand.